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branch manager

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The Stockman Lending Team of Hi-Tech Mortgage purposely works to make a difference in the lives of our clients by providing mortgages that do more than lend money, but help meet the client’s short term and long term financial goals.

We make a difference by asking meaningful questions, not by just taking an application.

We make a difference by quoting the type of mortgage the client requests along with other options and compare those options over time, not by quoting payment, rate & fees.

We make a difference by proactively communicating with the client through weekly updates, multiple surveys, & any changes that occur, not by waiting for a client to call us.

We make a difference by living & working in accordance to our core values of Personal Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity & Mortgage Education, not by promoting the latest lending fad or product.

We do this because we care about out clients, our company, our community, our industry, & each other. We have the Leading Tools, an In-Depth Knowledge & the Best People who forge Strong Relationships. With these principles and our Core Values, we are guided by a CLEAR VISION... To make a difference in our clients lives.

Scott Stockman
Branch Manager
NMLS # 247554

Contact Information:
Cell: 928-486-9833
Office: 928-854-1881 Ext. 18
Fax: 928-854-1940

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